The Stinson Transport Centre: project of the year 2015!

Blog November 13, 2015
stinson_MacinWozniak The STM Stinson Transport Centre took home the 2015 Project of the Year Award in the Construction and Engineering Category. Granted on November 11th at the PMI-Montréal élixir Gala, this awards recognizes excellence in project management in various areas of expertise, particularly as they relate to respecting their budget and timetable.   The Stinson Transport Centre is home of 200 regular buses and 100 articulated buses and handles their servicing, refuelling and storage needs. Fruit of integrated design, this project brings together the best sustainable practices, such as the reduction of greenhouse emissions caused by buses’ circulation, the retention and reuse of rainwater to wash the vehicles, the reuse of heat generated by the vehicles and the maintenance areas by the heating and cooling systems, and more. Completed over a two-year period, the project required the implementation of several major initiatives in order to respect the work schedule and planned budget. Rapid construction methods, integrated and cross-disciplinary design, and strong involvement from all stakeholders are some of the factors that contributed to the project’s success, making it a flagship project for STM’s future initiatives.   PMI-Montreal is one of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) biggest chapters with more than 4,100 members in various fields such as : engineering, aeronautics, construction, computer science, pharmacy and telecommunications. It aims to promote the best practices in project management and fosters professional development in Quebec.
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