Warm ‘Nuzzles’ Huts

Blog February 19, 2014
It’s not all that often we see areas specifically made to keep warm out in Southern California, but apparently during the icy winter months in Canada there’s a real market for it. Toronto based design firm RAW was able to win a contest where their hut creation was used along the frozen river for chilly ice skaters. The end product is reminiscent of pool noodles all stuffed together and sticking out like a giant koosh ball in the snowy winter weather. The annual ‘Winnipeg Warming Hut Competition‘ boasts plenty of designs from various firms and this one one the first place prize. A metal spine is constructed into a dome shape, and the noodles were then placed into the openings. Nuzzles were able to be cuddled into in a variety of ways, making them a popular choice during skating. via...
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