Our Process

We bring together professionals with wide-ranging talents, whose work unites across disciplines to create innovative solutions using integrated and design thinking approaches.

  • Integrated Design

    Channelling creative forces

    From the initial concept until commissioning, we work with our clients and partners to create the best projects, period. By building a synergy that transcends disciplines and egos, all strengths are channelled into the mandate. We combine talents so that, no matter the origin, the best idea always triumphs.

  • Design Thinking

    Where vision becomes reality

    From the transdisciplinary process emerges a statement. With new eyes for every endeavour, our designers focus all of their daring and science on sustainable solutions and outstanding concepts. The result: remarkable places that give life to the client’s vision.


Our process is based on 3 principles that direct our design approach and our work

Lemay How



Exceptional living environments that deliver concrete and measurable benefits for our clients, users and the community.

  • Our Clients
    Our Clients

    Visibility / Share of Mind
    More Visitors
    Employee Engagement
    Employee Productivity
    Space Optimization
    Cost Reduction

  • The Users
    The Users


  • The Collectivity
    The Community

    Environmental Protection


How we deliver added-value projects

  1. Looking for precedents and benchmarking

    Seeking the best comparable projects

  2. Brainstorming

    Sessions to envision the ideal project

  3. Finding new ways of doing things

    Rethinking traditional methods and evaluating new approaches

  4. Concept | Brand | image

    Scenarios linking design branding and functional organization

  5. Quality of design and execution

    Assessing the quality of designed environments

  6. Applying sustainable design principles

    Optimization and reduction of ecological footprint

Our Expertise