#london# installation

Blog October 22, 2013
#london# installation by johnson banks
johnson banks recently finished this type driven installation in china to promote the london universities international partnership. ‘whilst chinese students are often choosing the UK to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the proportion choosing london is quite low. so our brief was to design a temporary exhibition promoting the london colleges and the city itself, to be used in the yang gallery in beijing and featuring a curated sample of the universities’ projects.’ ‘the idea for the exhibition is pretty simple – it spells #london# in massive freestanding, anamorphically stretched letters. the fronts of the letters feature drawings of london landmarks, and the letter sides are dedicated to the universities. to add to the visual effect, the letters themselves twist and turn, creating an unusual typographic landscape.’ ‘the double hashtag in the #london# title is based on the hashtag system used by weibo, china’s microblogging twitter equivalent, and all the information is bilingual.’ via...
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