As its namesake suggests,
LemayLAB oversees the creative R&D within Lemay. 

Convinced of the added value generated by outstanding design, our collective uses applied creativity to solve the most wicked problems, of all types and scales, in particular challenges whose resolution requires an extreme degree of creativity or a non-conventional approach. Leveraging its unique design thinking approach, LemayLAB’s promise is to bridge the gap between its clients’ dreams and reality, by creating extraordinary spaces that embody their values and identity.

  • Think Tank & Incubator

    LemayLAB is an incubator of creativity, innovation and design. The fresh outlook we bring to each project guarantees originality and innovation. Creators of dreams, dreamers of places and identity strategists, LemayLAB’s designers invent new ways to deliver your projects, helping you now to create the signature spaces of tomorrow. Combining storytelling and branding, we bring your aspirations to life through the creation of unique experiences and spectacular environments that make your values known. LemayLAB is the pleasure of exploration and the energy of ideas that surge outward in a participatory, playful and creative process.

  • Architectural Branding

    Lemay bridges the distance between branding, architecture and the environment. Your buildings, spaces and interiors are more than just functional shells, and we understand that they extend your brand presence into the physical realm. Working with brand-driven companies, Lemay has developed a unique ability to translate intangible concepts and ideas into meaningful and evocative spaces that enhance brand equity and create enduring value.

  • Experiential Design

    Maximizing the attractiveness of built environments such as museums, showrooms, retail destinations, theme parks—even hospitals, experiential design involves total design. Harnessing branding, user experience and creative thinking, Lemay’s experiential design draws on psychology, sociology and anthropology to create a visceral, emotional and cognitive experience that is both transformative and lasting.

  • Repositioning

    Lemay’s powerful repositioning approach can overhaul a building to improve its overall appeal, increase rental revenues, enhance sales, attract key tenants, increase property value and pave the way to the best uses for your property. Lemay deploys its branding methodology to rethink existing spaces and breathe new life into its clients’ underperforming real-estate portfolio. Through a totally integrated and out-of-the-box approach, Lemay restores your competitive edge.

Our LemayLab Leaders