Blog March 10, 2014
architectural dissections by zacharie gaudrillot-roy isolate building facades
all images courtesy / © zacharie gaudrillot-roy
french photographer zacharie gaudrillot-roy presents the ongoing ‘façades’ series, which deconstructs images of urban landscapes down to the mere surfaces of the buildings that populate them. the digital architectural interventions illustrate cities, small towns, parking lots and pedestrian pathways, whose homes and apartment buildings bear the eerie absence of construction’s mass; only the superficial brick and concrete exterior skin remains. wandering through foreign city streets, gaudrillot-roy observes and imagines what lies behind the walls he passes — a glow through a lit window, noise from a television, laughter and tears. he explains, ‘this series offers a vision of an unknown world that would only be a picture, without intimate space, with looks as the only refuge.’ via...  
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