Le Centre de Transport Stinson dans la revue Architecture + Design

Blog August 27, 2014
La revue indienne Architecture + Design présente les différents aspects ainsi que plusieurs photos du Centre de Transport Stinson de la STM. Pour lire l'article complet... Voici un court extrait : «Located in the Stinson Street in Saint-Laurent borough, the first roof-covered transport centre stands out by its urban integration and reduced ecological footprint. The client wanted the new transport centre to be highly efficient but also accepted by the surrounded population. Therefore, the architects suggested the client to push further their reflection and to imagine the centre as a natural extension of their identity and values. By its conception, this new centre proposed to add a true value to the community, which would, at the same time, increase the acceptability of the project among the nearby residents. Thus, the project became a prototype for future transport centres, and for its ecological perspective as well as its approach in establishing a dialogue with the citizens.  [...] »
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