Solving pragmatic and cultural issues through a holistic approach and savvy design choices.

By taking the time to understand how communities work, we can deliver beautiful and poetic spaces. As designers, we give back to the community by bringing our sensitivity to each project in order to generate a cinematic quality in the spaces we create. This added value, delivered in a cost-effective way without compromising design quality, enhances the appreciation and enjoyment of the experience.

We respond to ongoing change with agility, and we strive for more inclusivity by creating flexible spaces that adapt to current and future health issues. We share our intellectual curiosity with our clients, and we work closely with them to expand our common understanding of what a project can achieve. Each project becomes an opportunity to redefine the role of a public space and to augment the service it supports.

Lead contact

Pierre Larouche

Senior Partner

Our public services market leaders

Yanick Casault

Market Director

Eric Dufour

Project Director

Andrew King

Design Principal

Casablanca oceanfront promenade

Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica

Parterres of Quebec City Hall

Montreal Botanical Garden

Metropolitan Express Light Rail Network (REM)

Reinventing McGill College Avenue