Driven by a lifelong love of design, her expertise comes from a unique combination of industry knowledge and business savvy.

Taj’s passionate approach to her work as a business development director is informed by over two in-depth decades of working in designing interiors, furniture specification, and sales in a wide range of markets from law and logistics to residences and technology.

An accomplished networker with relentless energy, she prides herself on the bonds she forms with clients, industry contacts, and strategic partners.

Taj is a client relationship leader who helps shape a project’s vision, objectives, and deliverables, communicating with the team throughout the process. Her success stems from her ability to connect with people and act as a trusted adviser to clients, brokers, and project managers.

People are at the core of her capability to leverage top performance and deliver positive outcomes that positively shape the future of the client’s business. Having designed spaces side-by-side with Lemay’s design team, she knows the details inside and out—furniture and workplace environments, degrees of sustainability, sourcing, and strategy services—that allow her to provide a comprehensive perspective and push the boundaries of innovation.