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Lemay 60th Anniversary Activities

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Starting in November 2017

Lemay 60 Roundtables

Lemay will present a series of roundtables aiming to promote thought leadership on subjects at the heart of its expertise. These meetings will feature different experts to stimulate discussion on the following themes:

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Designing Urban Happiness

A concept traditionally studied by philosophers or sociologists, happiness is the quest for a state of well-being and balance. Considering the importance of living environments to our individual and collective happiness, how can we make it a function of designing better urban environments? With cities now being ranked by their level of happiness, and indexes such as Gross National Happiness (GNH), there is value to exploring the key elements contributing to urban happiness: nature, human scale, community and festive components, culture, wildlife, etc.


Jean-Sébastien Bourdages, Architect, LEED AP BD+C, associate, design director at Lemay

Jean-François Barsoum, Senior Managing Consultant, Smarter Cities, Water and Transportation at IBM

Albert Mondor, Horticulturist-Botanist at Extreme Horticulture

Michael Merten, Real Estate Broker at Strategique Real Estate Solutions

Guest moderator:

Marie-Claude Plourde, Ph.D. Student in Communication and Design consultant.

(Presentations in French)

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Transarchitecture: Transdisciplinary Methods in Design

Transarchitecture looks at the fluidity of contemporary critical practice operating across scales, across geographies, within divergent modes of practice, using very large public architecture, intimate spaces, small objects, exhibitions and installations, art and film. The discussion will frame the validity of transdisciplinary methodologies in building a resonant and meaningful design strategy, specifically contemporary art methodologies and overlaps, film and installation as concept generators and the body, and its movement, as a central component of spatial and formal investigation.


Sophie Gironnay, General and Artistic Director of the Maison de l'architecture du Québec

Andrew King, Partner and Design Principal at Lemay

Pierre E. Leclerc, Architect, Associate and Design Director at Lemay

Angela Silver, Artist, Instructor at McGill University School of Architecture and PhD Candidate at Queen's University

Organized by Andrew King
Partner – Design Principal

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Movie screening and conference: Expo 67 Mission Impossible

This documentary thriller invites us to relive the incredible challenge of the men behind Man and His World. Over time, lips have loosened and the full story can now emerge, just like Notre-Dame Island out of the waters of the St. Lawrence, facilitated by unprecedented access to over 80,000 archival documents and uncensored accounts by the movers and shakers behind this success story. Filmmakers Guylaine Maroist, Michel Barbeau and Eric Ruel from Productions de la ruelle invite us to relive the white-knuckle countdown to the grand opening on April 28, 1967. The screening will be followed by an inspiring exchange with producer-director Eric Ruel! (Screening in French only)

Eric Ruel, Filmmaker and Vice-president at Productions de la ruelle

Presented by Lemay
Click here to watch the trailer.

Thursday, March 15, 2018, at 6 p.m.
Faculté de l’aménagement, Université de Montréal
Grand amphithéâtre, Room 1120 (ground floor)
2940 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Rd., Montreal

Organized by Michel Dufresne
Urban Planner, Associate at Lemay

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Other Landscapes

The landscape is the object of an abstract study, intangible and constantly evolving. Maintaining a continuous dialogue with the arts, its definition broadens with new artistic media and evolving esthetic patterns. The growth in digital and multimedia arts demonstrates this mutual landscape-art influence and opens the door to new dimensions of virtual landscapes: we now find modeled landscapes within video games or showcased in spherical, immersive projections. Taking place in the middle of World Landscape Architecture Month, this roundtable features professionals and artists who are not landscape architects but whose practice is closely related to the landscape and contributes to its renewal.

(Presentation in French)


Bruno Colpron, Photography Director at Vantrix

Éric Parenteau, Assistant Director

Lucie St-Pierre, Landscape Architect, LEED AP, Principal, Landscape Director at Lemay

Caroline Cloutier, Visual Artist

Led by Camille Plourde-Lescelleur and Carlos Santibanez
Landscape Architects at Lemay

Organized by Lucie St-Pierre
Landscape Architect, LEED AP, Principal, Landscape Director

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Architecture: the Impact of Quality

Libraries, theatres, museums, markets… public architecture is rich in meaning and lived by us all. It strongly underscores our urban environment, strengthens community life, reflects our identity and culture. In this sense, its duty is to be exemplary, in terms of design and public expectations. How can we make quality a priority, a long-term investment, a condition, for an enlightened and inspiring public architecture that benefits society? (Presentation in French)


Marc-André Carignan, Urban Development TV-Radio Host and Columnist

Alan DeSousa , Mayor of Saint-Laurent 

Nathalie Dion, President, Ordre des architectes du Québec

Eric Pelletier, Architect, Partner and Design Principal at Lemay

Organized by Eric Pelletier
Architect, Partner – Design Principal

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Creating the Brand Road Map for Meaningful Hotels

Creating the Brand Road Map for Meaningful Hotels: Getting Under the Skin of Experience + Emotional Placemaking

Guest of honour:
Denise Korn, Creative Director at Gensler

Denise Korn will share stories and insights in creating meaningful brand platforms for memorable hotels. She will unleash the potential of the magical dance between the brand team, the architecture/interiors team, owners and, of course, the operator - when in sync and complete integration. The result is the creation of magnetic places and experiences that keep guests coming back for more.

Organized and led by Andres Escobar
Partner, Escobar Design by Lemay

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018

Javier Senosiain: Organic, sustainable and ecological architecture

With environmental questions dominating public debate, Javier Senosiain offers us a platform for discussing the issues affecting organic and ecological architecture. As part of the Institut Culturel du Mexique Montréal exhibit dedicated to Mr. Senosiain, this event is a chance to meet this internationally renowned Mexican architect and learn more about the principles behind his remarkably daring work. Federico Carbajal, visual artist and architect at Lemay, will also contribute to the presentation.

Organized by Lemay and the Mexican General Consulate in Montreal

Led by Claude Gosselin
Director of the Centre international d’art contemporain de Montréal

Traveling Exhibit


Lemay: 60 Years of History, Creation and Growth

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Lemay has produced a unique exhibit. A visual voyage retraces the firm’s origins from Montreal in 1957 to today…and tomorrow!

At the dawn of economic, social, creative and ecological change, the city must constantly reinvent itself, innovate and plan for a sustainable future. Architecture is one of its vectors, if not a pillar. At each step in its history, Lemay has been driven by a fascination for all things urban! Its every gesture holds the promise of a future where architect and designer leap forward together, embracing their responsibility to create better living environments.

The exhibit showcases a firm that has always been contemporary and visionary, ahead of its time, evolving in step with Quebec society’s emergence while opening up new perspectives. It illustrates Lemay’s drive to consistently innovate and exceed expectations, with projects that span the modern, post-modern and contemporary eras of creation, bestowing a meaningful signature across them all.


November 16-17, 2017

Montreal Building Expo, Palais des Congrès, Montreal

From November 27, 2017,
to February 18, 2018

The Phenix, 3500 Saint-Jacques St., Montreal

From February 26 to March 9, 2018

Cegep André-Laurendeau, Montreal

From April 26 to April 28, 2018

SIDIM - Montreal Design Show, Place Bonaventure, Montreal

From April 30 to May 7, 2018


Faculté de l'aménagement, Université de Montréal

From May 8 to May 25, 2018

École d'architecture de l'Université Laval, Quebec City

Summer 2018

The Phenix, 3500 Saint-Jacques St., Montreal