Preserving and enhancing a heritage park

Preserving and enhancing a heritage park

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1874, Mount Royal Park welcomes more than three million visitors every year. Given this high-traffic context, Lemay’s expertise in green infrastructure, together with the careful management of natural and cultural elements, are playing a pivotal role in protecting and showcasing this natural heritage site.

Lemay has undertaken multiple mandates to revitalize the illustrious park: a refrigerated skating rink, a study of the eastern entrances, planning guidelines for Jeanne Mance Park, a new picnic and playground area and the refurbishment of the Peel entrance featuring innovative water management strategies. All these projects rely on careful management of the existing natural and cultural elements, while introducing new structuring elements that respect Olmsted’s original layout and the ecological value of existing flora and fauna.

The structural elements for circulation respect both Olmsted’s original layout and pathways imposed from years of use. The design redefines two majestic gateways at the Peel and Redpath entrances, the remediation of a section of Olmsted Road and the reconstruction of the serpentine path at the foot of the escarpment.

The artwork “Give Peace a Chance,” designed in collaboration with artist Linda Covit, commemorates the famous John Lennon song written in protest to the Vietnam War during his 1969 Montreal “bed-in” with Yoko Ono. With the theme of peace, this 40-language artwork in limestone follows the rhythm of the serpentine trail.

The blue-spotted salamander, an amphibian native to Mount Royal, was chosen as the theme of the playground. Curves, level differences, textures and natural surroundings encourage children to play differently and promote their development. Connected to the salamander is a Children’s Rights path imagined by artist Gérard Dansereau in collaboration with Lemay. Educational panels help to build awareness by inviting visitors of all ages to discover a selection of rights guaranteed under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Mérite régional, Gestion des paysages pour l'entrée Peel
Prix d'excellence de l'AAPC
Mérite régional, Conception pour l'aires de jeux
Association des architectes paysagistes du Canada