A Paris feel in the streets of Montreal

A Paris feel in the streets of Montreal

One of the goals of any project is to capture the essence of the surrounding neighbourhood through design. The 21ème arrondissement project in Montreal’s Griffintown does this by celebrating its iconic site and evoking at once, a sense of discovery and belonging.

The residential project is a nod to Paris’s 20 arrondissements as it brings to life a European-style neighbourhood in the heart of a North American metropolis. An important architectural consideration from the start, was to maintain a distinct village atmosphere through the whole project. Developed on the former site of the Petit Séminaire, the project’s townhouses and condominiums blend harmoniously into the environment, paying particular attention to how the different types of housing fit into the scale of the street, the neighbourhood and the city. Through a clever interplay of masonry, steel and glass, the historic character of the site is echoed in both the architecture and the landscape.

At the heart of the complex, a green space serves as a public square, designed around a water feature, and surrounded by terraces and local commercial venues. Opening onto this public square, convenient shops, cafés, and bistros, invite the local community to come and eat, shop or simply enjoy a rest.

Common areas include a lounge, fitness centre, spa and rooftop terraces to ensure a vibrant and engaging urban-living environment. A winter garden with by lush vegetation and skylights, is an opportunity for users to enjoy a healthy green space in all seasons. The project also features an area for urban agriculture allowing for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs while contributing to the reduction of heat islands.

The 21st arrondissement is breathing new life into a site that has long been an important landmark in Montreal’s urban landscape.