Lemay has an open-sourced approach to design that encourages innovation, speeds up processes and solves complex urban and environmental challenges.

Pooling the ideas and skills of multiple people to inspire forward-thinking solutions is in our DNA.

We share knowledge and best practices in a collaborative spirit that fosters creative thinking. Working collaboratively on projects of all types and scales, our professionals embrace innovative concepts that drive positive change and growth.

Complementing Lemay’s traditional practice, FLDWRK is our applied research and design collective.

FLDWRK investigates current systemic transitions in society. It is defined by the critical thinking that emerges from a meaningful and inclusive collaborative process, operating at the intersection of research, academia and practice.

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Connecting healthcare and architecture

Through an exploratory dialogue with actors in healthcare and related fields, Care+Design seeks to enhance the operational framework of each project and questions the levers of innovation in the design of healthcare environments. 

This transdisciplinary approach is a powerful tool for experimentation, as it breaks down the boundaries between field experience, scientific research, architecture, and design. While encouraging the emergence of innovative solutions that respond to current and future societal, technological and ecological challenges, it allows us to integrate the issues of diversity and vulnerability in the design of living spaces.

Join us in imagining tomorrow’s healthcare environments