A human-scale care facility rooted in its environment

  • Client

    Baie-Saint-Paul hospital complex
  • Location

    Baie-Saint-Paul, QC, Canada
  • Collaboration

    Lemay in consortium with Groupe A architectes
  • Discipline(s)

    Landscape Architecture

A human-scale care facility rooted in its environment

User comfort and human scale were paramount in the development of this project, and this is evident in the complex’s character with its visual breakthroughs, outdoor gardens and decorative iconography. There is a pleasing visual continuity between outdoors and indoors, the river and mountains, the building and its city, the complex’s cultural facilities and its works of art. Perhaps the most distinctive feature, bird lamps symbolize flight and healing, framing the patient experience as much as the project’s design inspired by the Charlevoix region’s unique landscapes.

This four-storey hospital complex is now LEED-certified thanks, among other things, to the building’s superior energy performance and a selection of regional materials made of recycled and low-emission components.