Capturing a regional identity for an international network

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    Edmonton, AB, Canada
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    Interior Design

Capturing a regional identity for an international network

The inspiration behind the Edmontonian identity for this office is found in the surrounding natural wonders of the city’s rolling geography and River Valley as well as its vibrant community, well-known for coming alive during the multiple festivals that invigorate the city throughout the year. Our teams have worked closely with BDO to develop a set of national standards for the design of their offices—encapsulating everything from the sourcing of materials and types of furniture, to which finishes—with the mission of creating flexible, collaborative workspaces that promote openness and well-being.

The office, situated in the downtown core, evokes the company’s flagship design in Toronto while staying true to its local essence. Just as glaciers in the Canadian Rockies come together to feed the North Saskatchewan River, the space represents a confluence of three once-fragmented locations for BDO, brought together in one workplace.

Spread out across three levels, two of the office’s floors are activated by bistro and coffee areas, breakout collaboration zones and meeting rooms, while the third hosts the reception area, washrooms and space for client interactions. The different types of zones are spread out in a way that allows for collaboration and social interaction—what designers call “positive friction”—so that employees can all meet, socialize and work together with ease within this new space. To break up the large open office areas, designers used wood slats as partitions between the various social or collaborative areas and the workstations. Warm wood tones and marble surfaces are coupled with abundant greenery and natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere that reflects the River Valley outside.