Warm new haven with panoramic summit

Warm new haven with panoramic summit

Set in rock, touching the sky and crowning the mountain as it rises above the trees, the Chalet du Sommet stretches out over the horizon to establish a dialogue with the surrounding landscape. Delicately installed on the summit of Mount Brome, with restraint and respect, the building fades into its context and contributes to the impressive experience of the site by framing the surrounding landscape and the expanse of the extensive panorama of the Monteregian hills.

The result of an in-depth reflection on the relationship between landscape and architecture, the concept developed by our team not only preserves the integrity of the landscape, but enhances the experience of its users who can appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The long, articulated white volume hugs the shape of the summit and emphasizes, like a simple line, the splendour of the mountain.

From below, the chalet exposes its interior wooden shell which, in the evening, diffuses a soft and natural light onto the summit. Compressing the space at certain times, dilating it at others, the architecture unfolds on several levels, offering spectators different observation points within the building. Like a warm, natural wooden nest, this place of rest, relaxation and contemplation allows visitors a break from the elements while remaining in contact with nature.

In addition to the chalet, the project includes the chairlift and landing, the maintenance vehicle garage and the welcome pavilion of the ski resort that has enlivened the City of Bromont for many years. Already popular with clients and visitors to the region, the summit chalet contributes to making the site a must-see destination as well as a point of pride for Bromont.

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Awards and mentions

Cécobois Excellence Awards 2021, Commercial Building over 1,000 m²
Centre d'expertise sur la construction commerciale en bois (Cecobois)
Wood & Design Building Awards 2020
Canadian Wood Council
Winner - « Commercial Sports »
AN Best of Design Awards
American MasterPrize, Honorable Mention
Architectural Design - Recreational Architecture
People's Choice Award
OAQ Prix d'excellence en architecture