Where historic Old Montreal meets the Old Port

Where historic Old Montreal meets the Old Port

This esplanade is located where historic Old Montreal meets the Old Port. A strategic site, steeped in the history of many centuries and an industrial past, offers unobstructed views of the river, the Clock Tower and the surrounding wharves. Its history is revealed through the stories incorporated into the wooden benches. From this panoramic viewing platform, the Old Port facilities, the waterfront, part of Old Montreal and Île Sainte-Hélène are all connected.

A green roof is installed over the existing slab covering the railway tunnel. Best practices in sustainable development have been followed in other ways, too: the selection of indigenous and adapted plants that require little or no watering, materials that are light in colour to reflect heat and made from recycled or re-used items and the sourcing of local suppliers for materials and equipment.

This new public space has transformed what was once an industrial wasteland into an additional green space for Faubourg Quebec, the first neighbourhood to be developed outside Montreal’s fortification walls.

Awards and mentions

National Citation in Design
CSLA Awards of Excellence