Transformative design of a unique banking environment

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    Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
  • Year

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    Interior Design

Transformative design of a unique banking environment

This strategic integration of connectFirst’s vibrant colors serves as focal points, in harmony with the region’s prairie spirit. This approach positions the Medicine Hat branch as a beacon within the neighborhood, capturing attention and instilling a sense of community pride. Materials were thoughtfully selected to embody the region’s characteristics: Fireclay Brick tiles, reminiscent of the breathtaking copper shale hues, showcase the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, while oak wood and pastoral shades of leather contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere that envelopes both employees and visitors.

Incorporating laser-cut metal screens adorned with the client’s Beacon icon, the space establishes a distinctive visual identity while providing a distinct separation between formal and informal community areas. These elements evoke a sense of place and belonging, reflecting the region’s rich heritage.

An open community space doubling as a shared work area acts as a vibrant hub for engagement, fostering interactions between employees and clients, while encouraging collaboration and adaptability. The team behind this transformation seamlessly integrated regional essence, digital convenience, and community attachment to create a dynamic and productive work environment with flexibility as its core design philosophy.