Montreal’s new luxury lifestyle destination

  • Client

  • Location

    Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Year

  • Area

    46 336 m²
  • Collaboration

    Lemay + Sid Lee Architecture in consortium
  • Discipline(s)

    Structural Engineering

Montreal’s new luxury lifestyle destination

At the heart of Montreal’s iconic Golden Square Mile, against the stunning backdrop of Mount Royal, the city’s new Four Seasons building embodies elegant, classic luxury in a refined, contemporary style. Designed by Lemay, the building establishes a dialogue with the surrounding built environment and is carefully integrated with the historic Holt Renfrew Ogilvy complex, with which it shares indoor spaces.

Swathed in black, the tower comprises skilfully articulated volumes that correspond to its diverse hospitality, residential and commercial vocations. A subtle angular play also highlights the parting of volumes which, in turn, mirrors key internal circulation spaces. This effect is accentuated by a metallic ribbon that emerges from the facades, like a gold chain on a chic black dress.

The first floors are crowned by the grand ballroom, which runs through the building from east to west to separate public spaces from hotel rooms and private residences. The upper part of the tower is delicately expressed, unfolding to embrace the cityscape and define the overall perception of the building. The interplay of volumes makes it possible to subtly fragment the whole while preserving its unity.

The project’s materials were meticulously selected. Glass walls are finely, precisely assembled to create an ethereal, almost immaterial impression. The granite of the side facades reflects the rhythm of the glass panels, while their varying textures spring to life in the ambient light.

Awards and mentions

Silver Winner, Hotel & Holiday Resort
Grands Prix du Design
Silver Winner, Building Facade
Grands Prix du Design