A sleek, NYC-style skyscraper

A sleek, NYC-style skyscraper

This landmark for downtown Montreal channels the heyday of its prestigious Golden Square Mile neighbourhood: a unique approach that sets it apart from other condo projects in the city.

Gatsby makes a slim and vertical statement, reminiscent of a classic New York City skyscraper. Its detailed stone basilaire recalls the sophistication of the 1920s and enriches the project’s street presence. With signature indoor and outdoor spaces grounded in the Art Deco style of the era, the Gatsby transports to another time.

Lemay’s architecture and landscape architecture teams plunged into the task of  maximizing the narrow site with thoughtful detailing, views of downtown and abundant natural light exposure.

Underscoring the 18-storey tower’s verticality, a line of gold light slices it in half, the two sides contrasting: light and dark, smooth and textured, matte and reflective. The offset basilaire echoes this vertical rhythm and allows the slender tower to soar even higher. At the same time, the sharply defined basilaire embraces the spirit of the neoclassical stone building next door.

The landscape architecture reinforces this soaring statement. With an Art Deco-inspired language of forms, it reinterprets the dream-like imagery and wonder of the project’s namesake novel and film. Signature furniture, objects and accessories are all part of this vision, developed to harmonize with the building’s interiors. A lush green roof is richly biodiverse and the perfect complement to an otherworldly experience.

Awards and mentions

Grand Prize, High-Rise Residential Development
Grands Prix du Design