Hitting all the right notes in an urban symphony

Hitting all the right notes in an urban symphony

Inspired by the energy of Montreal’s downtown and the arts and culture scene encircling it, Maestria is a front row seat to the city’s premier festival grounds in the Quartier des Spectacles’ Place des Festivals. Uniquely located at the crossroads of one of North America’s greatest concentration of museums, theatres and galleries, these connected twin towers are a place of firsts, reaching new heights and going new lengths. 

Standing at 58 and 61 storeys with more than 1,700 units between them, this project is among the tallest residential condominium projects of its kind in Montreal. A complete elevated and densified living environment of homes and common areas composed of green spaces, a sizeable commercial component, as well as facilities for culture, recreation, and sports, Maestria’s many purposes and pleasures are united by a grand suspended skybridge that acts as a social connector between them.

In a response to the cadence of its surroundings, the structure’s envelope of dark curtain walls, windows and panels, in addition to an interior architecture of understated black and white tones and noble materials, provides a luxuriant amplifier to Montreal’s cultural pulse: It is a composition made up of spaces to step away from the festivities without breaking tempo, whether from its base of reflective glass and granite where the private and public intermingle, or the vertical deployment extending skyward to windswept escapes for finding new perspectives.

As the rhythm of the streets continue below, the silhouette and colour scheme of Maestria’s towers stay in tune by evoking two black piano keys, while elevated onlookers between them resemble notes on the sheet music of the bridge, mingling as they enjoy moments unfolding below.


Awards and mentions

Platinum Winner, High-Rise Residential Development
Grands Prix du Design