A new public heart for a heritage plaza

  • Client

    Ville de Québec
  • Location

    Québec, QC, Canada
  • Year

    In progress
  • Collaboration

    Quebec City, Lemay, Stantec, Guy Simard (lighting) and Morelli Designers
  • Discipline(s)

    Landscape Architecture

A new public heart for a heritage plaza

A significant gathering and representation place for citizens and tourists alike, the Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville in Quebec City was in need of modernization to better reflect the city’s evolution. Designed to last for centuries to come, its development preserves both the natural qualities and the historical value of the site, while deepening the relationship with the communities that continue to make it live. Welcoming thousands of visitors each day, the revitalized site will better serve its metropolis, both as a tourist attraction and as a link to neighboring businesses.

Starting with the idea of a central, structuring stage, the new design encourages the public to take greater ownership of the space through carefully chosen features. Most notable is a granite mosaic that defines new boundaries around the plaza and ensures the safe cohabitation of pedestrians and motorists. Low walls and natural stone steps invite passersby to relax and socialize, as do oversized wooden benches arranged to encourage gathering.

Throughout the site, mature elm trees have been preserved, their roots protected by a metal structure on which large granite slabs form the central stage. At the heart of the square, the Taschereau monument honours the memory of the first Canadian cardinal. Completely restored as part of the redevelopment project, this focal element was a determining factor in the orientation of the new design. The square is also illuminated by light poles with spotlights and recessed fixtures, complementing the streetlamps typical of Old Quebec. The distinctive lighting design has been carefully considered to ensure user comfort while contributing to the richness of the surrounding heritage buildings and amenities.

Set to attract even more visitors than before, the Place de l’Hotel de Ville is not only a place of renewal, but of rediscovery and reconnection as well, designed for the enjoyment of all.

Photo credits: Félix Rioux and Ville de Québec