A flexible workspace with a strong brand identity

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    Montreal, QC, Canada
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A flexible workspace with a strong brand identity

From the floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of downtown to a whole floor dedicated to the social connections and wellness, the design of this TELUS office remains true to its company’s strong brand identity while embodying the spirit of Montreal. This fit up project tackled the expansive office space on seven floors within the Place TELUS in the city’s downtown core.

At the heart of the building’s 12th level is a floor dedicated to amenities. Here, the focus is on its kitchen, dining and lounging areas where all departments and teams can congregate throughout the day. While encouraging socialization and well-being, this floor also includes a variety of unique and agile workspaces and is complete with a spiritual reflection room and a yoga studio.

The primary finishes used throughout incorporate a range of neutral or wood tones, all balanced with an abundance of biophilia. Every space features company branding, while bespoke lighting and grand windows or glass partitions bring the environment to life with light. The acoustic accommodations found in the material finishes of details range from lighting covers to the materiality of the walls, floors and ceiling, hand-picked for their capacity to absorb sound while creating a soft and calming atmosphere.

With its experiential design centered on the people that help build and support the services of their company, TELUS’ newly designed workplace celebrates their employees in space which reflects their home and identity back to them: One of conviviality, camaraderie, and company.