A conceptual study conjuring coded data

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    Toronto, ON, Canada
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    In progress
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A conceptual study conjuring coded data

Brilliantly integrated into its context, the concept for this new data centre is based on a sustainable architectural vision. The concept is quietly remarkable with its understated architecture, its homogeneity and the mystical effects rendered by its different components.

A functional and environmentally conscious construction with vibrant cladding

The curtain wall offers a pleasing esthetic, while its architectural strategy mitigates the potentially negative impacts of such massive mechanical equipment as that required to operate this type of building. The brickwork pattern creates a relief that evokes data and coded messages. The monochromatic palette and backlit panels reinforce the inherent mystery of the data centre. Situated in an eclectic area of downtown Toronto, the building is designed to dialogue with its environment, while taking sustainability and environmental issues into account. Green roofs on all horizontal facades will help it to reduce the heat it generates.