Innovative collaboration spaces for the legal industry

  • Client

    Woods Litigation Boutique
  • Location

    Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Year

  • Discipline(s)

    Interior Design

Innovative collaboration spaces for the legal industry

Efficiency is at the heart of Woods’ commitment. That is why these renovated spaces were designed to be multifunctional and allow for optimized collaboration between lawyers and interns. The new spaces were conceived to be inviting and comfortable, while being modular and flexible, responding to a host of needs.

The library space is a kick-back lounge adjacent to the coffee bar, that also doubles up an area for spontaneous meetings. The space offers different settings to rejuvenate, and replenish, as well as for collaborating and perfecting skills. The room’s warm, natural wood tones are highlighted through bespoke lighting features that diffuse the area in a soft golden light for day and evening functions.

The multifunctional space is split into five different zones that offer both individual and collaborative work areas: there is seating by the window, the ‘campfire’ zone, a brainstorm area with writable surfaces, four drop-in workstations and a closed meeting room complete with audio-visual tools for a hybrid meeting. Natural light permeates the area and the variety in hues, materials and furniture types, coupled with the presence of biophilia wall art, creates a dynamic style.

The newly renovated space allows for a collection of hackable, multifunctional spaces in an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and diversity, key to the legal team’s synergy.