Her honed ability for bringing brands’ stories to life is backed by an in-depth and foundational understanding of business development strategies.

Since joining Lemay in 2020, Féeniscya has cultivated the firm’s development of engaging content and media strategies while ensuring its initiatives and brand growth objectives are achieved. With compassion and savvy, she leads the team responsible for the brand images, PR and partnership strategies, and website and social media content for Lemay, Lemay_id and FLDWRK. An enthusiastic collaborator, Féeniscya works with teams across all every discipline and department to develop ideas into memorable stories that build relationships and strengthen the firm’s reach in local, national, and international markets.

A passionate supporter of Lemay’s work in sustainability and EDIJ and how they benefit communities in deeply personal and long-lasting ways, Féeniscya is driven to further these initiatives by creating space for essential conversations around them.