His collaborative spirit and negotiation skills make him a key player in the firm’s contractual and conformity processes.

Luc Chagnon has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer in business, commercial and real estate for both private practices and as a member of various firms’ in-house legal counsel teams. Well-known for his collaborative spirit, Luc is as dedicated to counselling our practice as he is to sharing his knowledge with the others on his team.

At Lemay, he is implicated in contractual, compliance and insurance processes, among others, and also advises the Talent and Culture team on employees’ rights and labour law. Over the years, he has developed keen negotiation and conflict resolution skills: Luc is of the belief that there is a solution to everything, if we dig hard enough. He is applauded for his strong work ethic, teamwork-driven management style, and prides himself on being a transparent and neutral party when problems arise.