• October 17, 2022

That’s what we’re bringing to the conversation at this year’s National Trust Conference in Toronto, Canada’s largest heritage learning & networking event for architects.

Full of studies and ground-breaking research, panelists from Lemay will present on how heritage architecture plays an important role in a world that’s accelerating its green transition.

Friday, October 21 from 3pm to 4pm EST
Grace Coulter Sherlock, Loïc Angot and Eric Pelletier will present Climate Action: Embodied Carbon Calculation and Adaptation Strategies. Using case studies that include Lemay’s own projects, they’ll be discussing how existing buildings of value now will continue to propel us towards a future of climate resiliency, and what the language, tools and techniques are to navigate this abundant field of architecture.

Saturday, October 22 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm EST
Mark Chambers and Grace Coulter Sherlock, joined by Ian Harper of the City of Calgary, are following up on their 2021 appearance at the National Trust Conference with Measuring Impact and Asserting Value: Triple-Bottom-Line Tools, Deconstruction, and a Heritage Approach to Ordinary Buildings. Using investigations into four heritage areas in Calgary as examples, their extensive research shows there are monetary, social and environmental benefits to heritage architecture that can be applied to any municipality in Canada.

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