• December 1, 2020

Lemay is delighted to accept two national awards from the esteemed Canadian Architect magazine.

Place des Montréalaises is a multifaceted downtown public space, honouring women who have shaped Montreal, and the Théâtre de Verdure is a reimagining of a treasured outdoor performance venue at the heart of La Fontaine Park, also in Montreal.

This year’s awards underscore the firm’s unique and proven approach that brings multiple design disciplines together from the very beginning, to develop harmonious and integrated concepts.

The design team for Place des Montréalaises included Lemay architects, landscape architects and international artist Angela Silver, who worked all together to create a truly meaningful concept. Engineering firms SNC Lavalin and Elema also contributed their expertise and technical innovation to making this project a reality within the complex infrastructure constraints.

Likewise, the concept for Théâtre de Verdure was crafted through close collaboration among professionals in both architecture and landscape architecture.

Place des Montréalaises offers visitors an eloquent, immersive commemorative experience as its innovative inclined plane reconnects today’s city with historic Old Montreal. Find out more about this project here.

Théâtre de Verdure recreates an inviting, intimate space for all manner of theatrical productions, in all seasons, without betraying the extensive production systems it conceals throughout its subtle and nature-inspired design. Find out more about this project here.

These wins mark a fourth Canadian Architect award for Andrew King and a fifth for Eric Pelletier as primary designers of Place des Montréalaises and Théâtre de Verdure respectively. See Canadian Architect announcement here.