• November 19, 2021

Committing to Net Zero Carbon is a natural step for Lemay. Having implemented our sustainable approach for our own operations, we believe it’s imperative that we scale up our reach by working with our clients to systematically integrate our unique Net Positive™ approach on every building project.

-Louis T. Lemay

Through five pillars of action, our firm seeks to surpass and innovate sustainable strategies in the design of our living spaces.

1. Commit

We are committed to maintaining the carbon neutrality of our offices, which we achieved in 2020. In addition, we aim to maximize our carbon reduction and, where appropriate, offset any residual emissions by 2030.

2. Disclose

Through our annual Net Positive™ report, we are committed to tracking and sharing our energy consumption and GHG emissions from our portfolio of projects.

3. Act

Making a difference through concrete actions, such as updating our transition plan and developing GHG reduction strategies.

4. Verify

Through the rigorous and reliable processes of certifications such as LEED and Zero Carbon Building Standard, we aim to make our designs exemplary in human and environmental well-being.

5. Advocate

We want to be active participants in the conversation surrounding climate change and foster a built environment that is focused on the well-being of current and future generations.


Find out how we will translate this commitment into reality on the World Green Building Council website.


Earlier this year, we also joined the EP100, click here to learn more about this initiative.