• January 20, 2020

A wide-reaching plan

The highest levels of government for the Dominican Republic held a press conference last Thursday to announce a sweeping tourism development plan, produced by Lemay, for the island country’s southernmost region of Pedernales.

René Hubert, Lemay associate and director, International, presented the Pedernales master plan, which promotes ecological and circuit tourism with the objective of attracting an active, adventure-focussed tourist profile while minimizing environmental impact, promoting conservation, educating tourists and locals about the natural and cultural environment, and strengthening connections with the community.

“The goal is to implement the development plan to lay the foundations for tourism-related businesses in the province, generating an economic dynamic that will reduce poverty and social exclusion both in the province and in the Region of Enriquillo,” said Gustavo Montalvo, minister for the Presidency, in company of several government ministers.

Extensive media coverage and rave reviews

American, Canadian and European ambassadors joined journalists for the announcement of the multi-dimensional plan to promote eco-tourism, social and economic development, which has received presidential endorsement and is now being put in motion with a search for investors, an initiative also supported by Lemay.

Major Dominican media outlets reported on the plan, which received praise from local and international observers. The U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Robin Bernstein, congratulated the Dominican government for its vision and unique approach and for the choice of Lemay: “I think they’ve chosen an excellent company, Lemay, who obviously has great credentials. I think that there’s been a lot of thought that has gone into this project, not only from a tourism point of view, but for a regional approach where people will think and see the destination as a whole region, and also for the protection of the environment, the creation of new jobs and the diversification of the economy.”


Model of responsible tourism

Mr. Montalvo pointed out that the Pedernales master plan developed by Lemay is the result of a large-scale consultative process with key local stakeholders. It also meets strict sustainable development criteria based on internationally recognized standards.

Upgrades to infrastructure, the launch of agricultural projects in the area and the development of tourist potential will lead to improved living conditions for the region’s residents.