• April 24, 2019

We’ve had a lot of success rolling out Fitwel strategies and recommendations—designed to enhance employee experience through wellness initiatives and physical environment. Check out we’re doing and learn more about our recent Fitwel achievement.

We are the recent recipients of the Fitwel 1-Star Certification! But what does that mean? Fitwel Certification uses evidence-based research and helps teams increase physical activity, safety, employee and community wellness. In the push for healthier workplace environments, Fitwel is a trusted method used to evaluate an office building and its suitability for companies and their employees.

A few initiatives in our office include flexible work spaces with sit-stand desks, our use of the stairs (all 11 floors), and providing our teams with healthy snacks–everyone here loves our weekly fruit box delivery.

A big thanks to our very own Fitwel Amassador, Matty Machielse, for leading the charge on our recent achievement.