• April 27, 2021

The Grand Théâtre de Québec has been awarded the RAIC innovation award. Its new glass envelope has been recognized as a truly innovative solution from an architectural, structural and mechanical point of view, that will ensure the long-term sustainability of a central piece of Quebec City’s modern heritage.

The construction systems put forward for the Grand Théâtre were almost all custom-designed for the project. The delicate inclined steel structure, on which the glass case rests, is the result of intense and sustained teamwork among architects, engineers, construction specialists and manufacturers.

Our approach

The highly innovative project will help advance the practice of architecture as it relates to the challenges posed by the preservation of our modern heritage. Our transdisciplinary approach is the result of transversal research by mechanical engineers, structural engineers, architects, architectural historians and the client. Each discipline had to find innovative ways to reduce the impact of the intervention, and push boundaries to conceive a simple, efficient solution that respected Prus’s work.

“Similar to a play having been written 50 years ago, we had to revitalize the Grand Theatre using a new script that would resonate with a new generation, all while respecting and embracing Prus’ original work.”

Eric Pelletier, Architect, Design Principal at Lemay

Learn more about the unprecedented solution that we proposed to save the Grand Théâtre de Québec.