• May 5, 2021

We are proud to announce that our firm has been mandated to act as urban integrator for the Réseau express métropolitain de l’Est. We will therefore be responsible for developing the design principles that will guide the development of the stations and engineered structures (airspace structures, tunnel entry points) of the network, as well as ensuring their rigorous application. 

We are cognisant of the scale of this challenge, and enthusiastically embrace a collaborative approach with the comity of multidisciplinary experts, named by the Quebec government. This project presents an exceptional opportunity to rethink our urban spaces through the lens of durable mobility. We are confident that with our profound and diverse internal expertise, we are perfectly poised to rise to the challenge with creative and innovative solutions, in order to enhance our neighboring burrows and major urban arteries.

Our vision

“We are proud to be associated with the integration and conception of this collective transportation project. This is an exceptional occasion to contribute to the sustainable development of greater Montreal, as well as an opportunity to reinvent mobility-related urban spaces into dynamic, user-friendly and human-scaled amenities”, declared Louis T. Lemay, Lemay’s president.

“To ensure the successful urban integration of this project, it is fundamental that this creative process be informed and guided by citizen participation, as well as by sustainable development principles and design innovation – which are both at the heart of our transdisciplinary approach”, added Mr. Lemay.

A harmonious design departure point

“While the design of this project will be rooted in its Montreal identity and context, we will also be able to inspire ourselves from international best practices. Many urban centres have taken on the challenge of integrating trains or above ground metro systems in their respective urban landscapes”, indicated Andrew King, Senior Partner, Chief Design Office at Lemay.”

“With years of experience in leading projects, Lemay has refined its creation and collaboration processes. We will not satisfy ourselves with proposing an aesthetic, secure and durable design. Our goal is to conceive a remarkable proposal, anchored in the history and cultural identity of Montreal, that will allow the city to project itself into an innovative and durable future: a project that all Montrealers will be proud of”, concluded M. King.

Lemay’s team will be working alongside the comity of experts on the core principles that will guide the design and integration of the REM de l’Est. Montrealers will be called on to comment on the results of this reflection.

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