• June 26, 2020

Our offices across Canada – Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton – are working more closely together than ever to create dynamic, healthy and transformative environments. As such, we are pleased to announce that Lemay + Toker, our Western presence in Canada, is now officially recognized as Lemay, unifying the firm’s nation-wide brand.

Across the country, internationally and in the U.S. with Lemay + Escobar, we deliver on client aspirations with a commitment to discovering the beauty in every project, embracing new realities and possibilities, creating happiness and approaching our work with passion and compassion. The revision to the name ensures strategic alignment with Lemay’s transformation and expansion over the past few years, simplifying its regional operations and sharing tools and processes to provide its many national clients with more clarity and seamless collaboration.

“As one unified team, we will continue to combine our creative efforts to reflect our shared values, achieve our common goals and display even more agility within our firm,” says Louis T. Lemay, president and excellence facilitator.

The streamlined operations paired with the increased capacity and service offerings is underscored by the exemplary service provided by the teams in Calgary and Edmonton, who demonstrate excellence in design and management through their major contributions to the region, including the spectacular restoration of the Centennial Planetarium, the transformational work for ATB Financial and several high-profile workplaces.

It is with immense gratitude that we thank Eric Toker and Dedre Toker, founders of Toker + Associates and senior partners at Lemay + Toker following the 2017 merger, for their steadfast partnership and leadership over the last three years. At the end of June, Eric and Dedre will be retiring after 17 years of service in design and architecture. We bid them a fond farewell and wish them all the best in their next adventure.

Grace Coulter-Sherlock and Laura Grandan have been named Regional Directors in the West, bringing their collective experience in design and delivery to the firm. Previously, they were associates at Lemay + Toker.

“When I look at all the talent we have across the firm, I’m excited and confident about our future. And it’s even more impressive to think that all our offices are now working more closely together than ever,” says Louis Lemay. “This is an important moment for all of us at Lemay. I believe this new chapter will bring us many inspiring projects and challenges.”