• April 25, 2024

With the unveiling of its first images to the public, an important milestone’s been marked for the major urban development of the Namur-Hippodrome neighbourhood.

Carried out by our team, the updated concept plan supports the city’s Master Land Use and Development Plan (the “Plan directeur d’aménagement et de développement” in French or PDAD), which aims to sustainably revitalize this key area in Montreal.

Culture & Innovation Hub

A true “city within a city”, the future district will offer a complete living environment that blends carbon neutrality, accessibility, mobility and social diversity. It will include local shops and services, schools, mutualized urban and recreational infrastructure, along with 20,000 new dwellings, a significant portion of which is slated for social, community and family housing. All of this will be built around a sustainable network of intermodal transportation and active commuting.

The PDAD also makes way for 14 hectares of parks, greenspaces and public places which will encourage community and support biodiversity.

The project’s vision has been shaped by the needs expressed by residents and interested parties during numerous preliminary studies and consultation exercises, including an inclusive consultation process with local stakeholders (based on ADS+ principles) that we led in 2022. The public consultation process will continue throughout the spring, and you are invited to take part in it.

Congratulations to our urban design, urban planning, sustainability, and graphic design teams for their work on this project!

For more information about the neighbourhood and to give your opinion on the PDAD, visit the Ville de Montréal website.

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Parks, greenspace and public space. Conceptual intent.

Development plan, Jean-Talon as a new urban framework