• June 5, 2018

Led by Lemay Associate Marie-Claude Aubin, our Urban Planning team has won a joint award with the city of Laval’s Urban Planning Department, from the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), for the excellence of their project, Revised Land Use Development Plan for the city of Laval . This is the first such win for Quebec since 2012, when Lemay also won the award with its plan for the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

The Lemay team of Marie-Claude Aubin, Jean-François Morneau, David Poiré, François Dubois and Constance Aspart contributed, among other things, to the plan’s structure and content development: social, demographic and economic profile, in addition to transportation, land management, graphic design and spatial organization components. A grand accomplishment that took over two years!

The overall approach to framing the project caused a sensation with the jury members. Using an integrated approach, the project addressed numerous current planning issues, namely climate changes, lack of food self-sufficiency and affordable housing, heritage protection and infrastructure challenges.

This award is the highest bestowed by the CIP and goes to projects based on their excellence, innovation, impact on the profession, implementation potential and overall presentation. Projects in 13 categories originated from inside and outside Canada. A jury of 13 urban planning professionals from across Canada was given the difficult task of selecting award recipients.