When design speaks to its surroundings

When design speaks to its surroundings

A building can live and breathe. Its design can absorb and contribute to the energy and aesthetic of its surroundings. The Humaniti complex in Montreal’s Quartier international does just that. Designed from the outside-in, it reflects the richness and diversity of its surroundings while taking on a life of its own.

Located at the heart of vibrant downtown Montreal, Humaniti’s mix of luxury hotel, condo and rental units, offices, restaurants, boutiques and public spaces is the embodiment of the “live, work, play” lifestyle. Inhabitants and onlookers alike are invited to interact and admire. Even the project’s unique H-shaped design promotes a dialogue and openness across its 39 floors of many differing vocations.

Another example of open and generous design is Humaniti’s expansive multifunctional plaza. This outdoor space is a unique extension of the magnificent Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle facing it, named for the famed Canadian sculptor. His famous “La Joute” sculpture seems to quietly communicate with its majestic neighbour.On the larger of two towers, a hive-like architectural gesture reinforces the vertical city concept. Its human scale and well-defined groupings of condos and apartments evoke a smaller, community feel while accommodating hundreds of dwellings.

Humaniti clearly demonstrates how a residential tower can promote convenience and community while establishing an authentic and lasting relationship with its environment.

Awards and mentions

Jury's Choice - Model Unit
Habitat Design Awards
MIPIM Awards - Finalist « Best Futura Project »
Marché International des professionnels de l'Immobilier
Young Engineers – Architects (Félix Bédard)
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction - CISC