Along with design excellence and transdisciplinary execution, one of our foundational pillars is a commitment to sustainability.

Our distinctive and flexible approach to sustainability is applicable to every phase of a project and structured to benefit both your bottom line and the environment. Backed by decades of industry expertise, NET POSITIVETM is our vehicle for positive ecological, social and economical impacts on users and the planet. By focusing on three key areas—Health, Environment, and Carbon—we can help you reduce your ecological impact, enhance your brand image, save on energy costs, and generate longer-term ROI.

Our in-house sustainability team has helped numerous clients define and achieve sustainability objectives, and elevate their spaces. Our experts are enacting change across markets with their implication on projects like Humaniti, a human-centric vertical village WELL certified ; Soprema, one of the greenest factories in North America; and the underground Bellechasse Transport Centre, that gives back precious greenspace to its community.

Our sustainability leaders

Loïc Angot

Practice Leader

Hugo Lafrance


SOPREMA Woodstock

Humaniti vertical village

Bellechasse Transport Centre

Bonduelle Head Office

The Phenix

Du Boisé Library