A new take on a timeless mission

A new take on a timeless mission

After more than 60 years since Lemay’s founding in 1957, we thought it was time to strike a balance between our history, transdisciplinary expertise, and the forward-thinking change-maker attitude that makes us who we are today.

Rebranding was about more than just playing around with new fonts, colours and templates. It was an experience in rediscovering, questioning and re-examining our own identity. This refresh celebrates our firm’s reaffirmed values—creativity, innovation, diversity and resourcefulness—while encompassing its storied history and its original essence: Avant-garde creators using design as a catalyst for a better world.

The whole concept behind the new brand is centered around the lowercase “l” in Lemay’s longstanding logo. The letter acts as a line, a starting point to express values and personality, as well as approachability through its lowercase stature. It’s a symbol that’s informed the creation of a new series of glyphs, ones we use daily to express ourselves to one another and to the world.  

Our rebranding also extended to the typefaces we use: We went for Helvetica Now—a modern twist on Helvetica, which, coincidentally, shares the same birthyear as Lemay—and the Montreal-born font Grafier Display to allow a more emotive and diverse typographic lexicon. And the pièce de résistance: a new colour spectrum, adopted to proudly show off the wide range of values shared by Lemay’s interconnected teams, and to provide a new identity system for the firm.

This new spin on the brand encompasses Lemay’s wide range of diversity in people, projects, talents and expertise. The new look says more than just “This is Lemay”; it says “We are Lemay” and tells the story of every person—employee, client, and user—who has shaped the firm into what it is today.

Awards and mentions

Honorable Mention | Multimedia and brand identity
International Design Awards
Gold Certification | Brand Image Creation and Update
Grands Prix du Design