A fresh take on a company’s national standards

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    Québec, QC, Canada
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    Interior Design

A fresh take on a company’s national standards

The design of this new TELUS office in Quebec City is timeless: Black, white, grey and light wood materiality permeates the different zones in a clean and streamlined office space. As well as maintaining TELUS national design standards, designers sought to offer employees a variety of spaces according to the type of work and the required level of concentration. The result is a space that puts the TELUS brand center stage and fosters collaboration, flexibility, and exchange, while offering a variety of different solo work pods and focus areas for those who would like more privacy.

The primary finishes used throughout incorporate a range of neutral or wood tones, all balanced with an abundance of biophilia. Bespoke lighting and grand windows can be seen across the floor, while company branding punctuates the space with colour and brings the office to life. Acoustic accommodations are found in the material finishes of details ranging from lighting covers to the walls, floors and ceiling, all hand-picked for their capacity to absorb sound and create a softer and calming atmosphere. Across the office, furniture is a mix of new items and others repurposed from existing pieces or reused to garner significant cost savings for the project while promoting the sustainable reduce-reuse-recycle strategy.

Working within TELUS team & their national design standards, the interior design team created the office of the post-pandemic era: open and very flexible spaces that offer a variety of workstation types for employees working in hybrid mode.