• June 30, 2022

Nestled in Montreal’s La Fontaine Park—one of Montreal’s greatest greenspaces—the Théâtre de Verdure reopens today with a bold new design and a first-rate stage infrastructure.

Originally inaugurated in 1956, the emblematic site is a well-known cultural and arts hub, hosting thousands of free shows over the years that have ranged from dance and music to theatre and circus—and as of today, performers of all stripes will take to its stage to kick off its summer program of 30 free performances.

Our team developed a concept based on the relationship between theatre and park, architecture and landscape, and the built and the natural. This design comes from a broad, inclusive and pluralistic vision for a new and stimulating space that is open and accessible to all, that broadens the theatre’s mission and reaffirms its heritage identity.

By utilizing sustainable development measures, the redesigned theatre’s green, modern and lively public space offers a vibrant space for lovers of arts and culture to witness unforgettable moments.

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Photo : Sylvain Légaré