• November 1, 2019
A unique project that encourages visitors to question how non-physical materials can be used to bring beauty and form to an existing space, Lemay+Toker’s submission in the 2019 Vignettes YEG festival exemplifies how algorithmic and parametric architecture can create an inviting and innovative space. The use of parametric design technologies is becoming increasingly prevalent as computer algorithms allow designers to develop complex shapes and spaces in digital environments.

Lemay+Toker’s vignette submission utilizes these technologies in its building materials– the placement and geometry of the twisting planes of string and light were created from the mathematical connection of various points in space.

This year’s design manipulates string and light to create an inviting, multi-dimensional environment. Spaces for large groups, individual experience, and intimate conversation are formed using basic 6mm nylon rope. The location of the rope is decided by the mathematical relationship between each connection point and its relationship with the entirety of the space. The string and open areas are activated through colour changing LED fixtures, which flood the room with bold colour. Paired with Lemay+Toker’s digital expertise these simple building materials create an ephemeral spatial experience that highlights the versatile nature of the design. The variability of the materials creates a layered experience that provides structure while remaining fluid, changing with each rotation of the LED lighting system.

Lemay + Toker’s utilization of parametric design technologies and non-permanent building materials mirror Vignettes YEG’s focus on adaptive re-use projects. The design transforms a barren space into a functional and creative environment. After the event the materials can be disassembled and reused in different locations, with their physical dimensions shifting to meet the needs of the new space, creating an adaptive project that is completely reusable. This design methodology reflects Lemay+Toker’s values of innovative and sustainable design.

An interdisciplinary event located in Edmonton, the Vignettes YEG festival provides an important platform to utilize new technologies and innovative design practices. Lemay+Toker’s submission highlighted how parametric design and unconventional building materials can work in conjunction to create versatile and flexible spaces. The festival provides a space for designers to connect, engage, and grow the design community in Canada. Through the work of participants, sponsors and community partners, VignettesYEG produces exceptional environments that engage the visitor in collaborative and interesting ways. This year’s submission integrated technology, innovation and sustainable design to create an adaptive re-use project that can be enjoyed, deconstructed, and reused in other spaces.