• June 13, 2023

Over the past year, our urban design and urban planning teams—in collaboration with the graphic design and 3D studio teams—were commissioned by the Bureau du design de Montréal to participate in the research, writing and conception of the Handbooks of Best Practices for Design and Architecture Quality for Industrial Sites.

Divided into three sections, the notebooks propose the 84 best practices that can inspire action, measures to support Montreal’s transitioning industrial zones, and 35 exemplary projects which demonstrate these shifts in design. 

With these Cahiers, the City wishes to encourage greater contribution from industrial projects and areas to offer concrete solutions by promoting and guiding exchanges between companies, developers and decision-makers.

As industrial sites are particularly prone to the formation of heat islands in cities, they are destined to play a central role in Montreal’s energy and ecological transition. They offer a high potential for territorial and landscape enhancements, densification, and mixed uses, making them key allies in the decarbonization of buildings and the improvement of the quality of living environments in which they are located.

To find out how design and architecture can transform industrial zones into resilient, attractive, equitable and ecologically responsible places, take a look at the ideas and projects presented in the Handbooks of Best Practices on the Design Montréal website.