• September 15, 2021

A Net Positive™ Day’s discussion on Canada’s ecological transition

On September 23rd, Lemay will be hosting a virtual discussion as part of our annual Net Positive Day™ programming. From 12 – 1 EST, Loic Angot will be joined by Thomas Mueller and Dave Sawyer to discuss the role of public policy, business and partnerships to support Canada’s ecological transition. The panelists will explore both national and global approaches in response to climate change, and how we can create and foster healthy and resilient communities.

  • Mueller is a Founding Director of the Canada Green Building Council and became President & CEO of the Council in 2005. As Chief Executive, he leads the Council’s national green building strategy, programs and standards along with advocacy and policy initiatives.
  • Sawyer is an environmental economist with a twenty-five-year track record in helping solve policy challenges for sustainable development, bridging political realities with sound economic theory. He has held positions with Environment Canada, Canada’s Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development and leading Canadian consultancies.

Net Positive™ Day is held to foster and promote conversations across disciplines around sustainable strategies.

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