• December 8, 2020

In addition to having obtained Zero Carbon Building Standard certification for its Montreal office last March, Lemay recently achieved a carbon-neutral balance for all its offices, from Quebec City to Edmonton, New York City, Toronto and Calgary.

“Committing to Net Zero Carbon was a natural next step for Lemay,” said Louis Lemay, president and excellence facilitator.

“Now that we’ve implemented sustainability strategies for our own operations, we need to scale up by working with clients to apply our unique Net PositiveTM approach systematically.”

Beyond numerous measures to reduce energy consumption, Lemay offsets the remainder of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by purchasing Green-e Certified Carbon Offsets (GCCOs).

This offsetting finances projects that reduce more emissions than those the firm is unable to avoid.

Green-e is a global leader in clean energy and carbon offset certification, recognized by the Canada Green Building Council’s (CaGBC) Zero Carbon Building Program.

To learn more about the Phenix, our Montreal office and laboratory for sustainable strategies, watch this short documentary produced by BBC StoryWorks.

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