• February 11, 2021

As the next few years promise to be crucial for sustainable development, Lemay and about 100 other companies around the world have combined visions to form the EP100 group. It’s an initiative that keeps growing!

It all began in 2003 with the creation of the Climate Group, whose mission is clear: to lead businesses and governments in undertaking sustainable development initiatives to achieve global net-zero carbon consumption by 2050.

The group understands that real commitment from these organizations is necessary to achieve success. It is therefore inviting a handful of companies from around the world to join it and create EP100. Our team answered the call and becomes one of the first 100 companies to take concrete steps toward neutral energy consumption in terms of carbon emissions.

“Being part of EP100 sends a clear message that greener innovations are a priority for us, in this transition to carbon-neutrality,” said Hugo Lafrance, associate, Sustainability.

In the current context, our team sees this as a golden opportunity to focus on investing in carbon-neutral buildings to drive recovery that benefits human health, the environment and the economy. As we ready an economic relaunch in the wake of COVID-19, it’s important for the companies playing an active role in this recovery to have clearly defined positioning and vision in terms of sustainable development.

Even before the sustainability conversation began to resonate in the world of architecture and design, our team was heavily invested in reducing its own environmental impact. The creation of its Montreal office, the Phenix, proved to be conclusive with its numerous innovations and Zero Carbon Building – Performance certification.

From this experience came the idea to go further, to commit to Net PositiveTM – in all our projects.