• January 19, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of FLDWRK.

FLDWRK is the result of a convergence between LemayLAB and Andrew King’s academic research and design initiative AK A.

Complementing Lemay’s traditional practice, FLDWRK is a design and applied research collective that investigates current systemic transitions in society. It is defined by the critical thinking that emerges from a meaningful and inclusive collaborative process, operating at the intersection of research and practice.


  • Andrew King, Principal
  • Robert Fiorino, Director
  • Richelle Sibolboro, Communications Lead
  • Marie El-Nawar, Research and Design Lead
  • Jeff Ma, Research and Design Lead
  • Julia Pascutto, Research and Design Lead

With a focus on openness and continuous evolution, this collective aims to explore new ways of working and pushing the boundaries of design. FLDWRK will address real-world challenges using a speculative and narrative approach to envision possible scenarios for the future.

Learn more, here fldwrk.ca.