• November 14, 2022

We know that, with placemaking, we find meaning in the space we create and uncover deeply personal connections with built environments—but how can we know how much impact it has on our lives?

That’s the question that drove this collaborative study from researchers and industry leaders like Louis-Etienne Dubois from the Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University, Heela Omarkhail from the Daniels Corporation, Entro’s Vedran Dzebic, Coralie Olson from MASSIVart, and Lemay’s CMO Robert Fiorino.

The study found that when we bring culture, design, wayfinding, branding and architecture together with purpose in public and private spaces, there are tangible and positive effects—ones that can help shape designers and decision-makers’ decisions to in the future.

Placemaking makes us spend more time in the spaces we live in, increases our positive perception of and feelings towards them, has us sharing our experiences through organic conversations, and develops deeper, more meaningful connections.

See the results of the research with the video below: