• August 3, 2021

Alumni Legacy Design Competition's logo This year will mark the first ever Alumni Legacy Design Competition – a new, unique design competition for current and graduating students of the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. Its goal is to be a positive competition among students that explores broader design topics based in Calgary.

Grace Coulter Sherlock, Mark Cooper as well as Melissa Cowan will be representing Lemay as jurors in this design competition’s inaugural year. A key goal of the competition is for student work to be seen by a diverse jury of creative professionals beyond the academic circuit.

The promise of the competition lies in the diversity of its potential outcomes; It will be a great privilege to take part in the review of these students’ hard work, and to support ALDC’s goal of fostering innovation within our future peers.” – Mark Cooper

Key dates:

  • August 16th to the 31st : Entries will be reviewed by the jury
  • September 1st: Finalists will be announced.
  • September 8th: Winners will be revealed.

Learn more, here.